Krypto… the new single by Miss Tara
February 6, 2021

🚨 ‘GOTCHA HAT’ 🚨 OUT on all platforms tonight!I

We all know where this came from and if you don’t, ‘Gotcha Hat’! 🤣

We get inspired to create in so many different ways. We can get inspired by looking at a beautiful flower, listening to our favorite songs, or spending time w our loved ones,.. Even negative experiences of ourselves and of others, can help influece us to create something great!

The real beauty here is to learn how to transform something negative, into a fun little project that could potentially put a smile on one or two faces, specially those that inspired us @floydmayweather @jakepaul
and here we go…. I got you thinking n I ‘Gotcha Hat’! 🤪

Now lets get down to business, Inspire the world, drop ur favorite emoji n listen my new record. Don’t forget to share w ur loved ones, your dog, ur cat, your Bonnie.. everybodddyy everrrrrRRrrry body!

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